17/04/2014 - Orders placed today and over the weekend may not go out until Monday due to the volume of orders this week. Thank you for your patience. Emails asking if your order has shipped only delays the orders more. You will receive an email from USPS.com with tracking when your order ships. -Thank you!

10/04/2014 - I'm trying to keep up. Please be patient or I will have to start limiting orders per day. Again - express delivery IS NOT AVAILABLE through this site. DO NOT ASK. Even if you're a returning customer. If you need express shipping - follow the link below and sign up for VIP. Plan for orders to ship 24-36 hours after placing your order.  - Thank you!

05/4/2014 - Due to an influx in $60 orders with requests (and some "demands") for hundreds of dollars worth of free samples to accompany said orders - we will no longer be offering any free samples of any kind with orders for a while.  I'm sorry a rude few had to ruin it for all. You're welcome to purchase samples and split 1g into up to two items still.  -Thank you!

Money Pak is no longer available at this time. Western Union, Credit and Prepaid Gift Cards are accepted.

All orders are shipped 2-3 Day Priority.

Overnight shipping not showing up? That's because it isn't an option. Special consideration is shown for those that follow the link below to sign up for VIP service. Don't apply unless you have PGP encryption set up. And be sure to fill out all fields.

These products are intended for forensic and research applications, only.